Our Curriculum at Little Rascals Daycare Center

Learning and Development is our top priority!

Our center prides itself on placing each child’s development growth and safety as top priority. Above all else, our teachers aim in developing age-appropriate activities for the different age groups at the center. In addition, our staff will revise those activities in ways to that will maximize each child’s particular needs. Our goal is to interact with each child at their level. At Little Rascals Daycare, you child will learn the following: Academics, Science, Arts & Music, Computers, Culinary Nutrition, Creativity and for fun Spanish & French.

Toddler Room #1 Program

Learning of all shapes and forms begin! This age group is between 15 months to 2 years old. At this stage, our students curriculum is geared on teaching about their five senses. In addition, they are provide with numerous learning apparatus geared in helping develop and utilize their motor skills and lots play time.

Toddler Room #2 Program

As we continue to develop the brain to learn! This age group is 2-3years old. At this stage, our students will continue to add to their learning of their five senses. This is the point where they are taught different concepts: Colors, Shapes, Letters and numerous toys that aid in learning building and drawing concept.

Pre-K Room Program

Putting it all together! This age group is for 3yrs or older students. Children will learn all they will need in order to successful make the transition to Pre-K/Kindergarden. At this stage, our staff will focus in aiding each child in developing their speech. In addition, the students learn days of the week, months, listen to music and stories, learn songs.

***Each month the curriculum is also modified in order to incorporate any holidays and special events that can be included as part of the students’ learning process.